Hello there! My name is Amanda and Iā€™d love to meet you.

My husband has been heavily involved with film + music his entire life and knows his way around anything tech. I always found myself helping out on film shoots and behind the scenes + started getting quite curious and fascinated about photography being around so many cameras. My husband bought me my first camera in 2012 as a birthday gift and taught me how to properly use it. And the rest they say is history. Since then I found something that I truly love and am passionate about. I am constantly around cameras whether it be photographing or filming with my husband for the many projects we do for YouTube. He is a full time YouTuber with many channels and I am the woman mostly behind the camera, but sometimes in front of, for his weekly sketches. Photography has given me a creative outlet and a purpose + makes me feel connected to the clients that I photograph. It truly is a wonderful feeling to be the one to capture memories in the making, where the photos that I am taking in that moment are going to be treasured for years to come.

I would love to be the one to tell your story through this timeless medium. With that being said, we are all individuals with unique + creative styles + personalities. I am all about creating photos that will reflect each individual, couple, or family. I love working with other creatives who appreciate photography and enjoy creating beautiful art together as well as have a good time doing it.

// I am based out of Los Angeles, CA but love to travel. So if you are interested or just want to say a quick hello check out my contact page!